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8 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Although fashion is subjective to each individual, there are certain rules that should be followed so that you can present your best style to the world. These mistakes are infringing on your own personal style and are holding your inner fashionista from becoming the trendsetter you were always meant to be. So here are a few fashion mistakes you should avoid if you want to take your style game to the next level!

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Not Buying for your Height

Your height plays a huge role in your style since it can often dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear based on how tall you are. Many actually make the mistake of not shopping for their height, which can really throw off their style. If you’re tiny, you should be shopping in the petite section and if you’re tall, in the tall section. When you shop for your height, the clothes fit you better, which translates to a better overall look! Obviously, some brands don’t offer these sizes, but when they do, make sure to shop for your height so that you buy clothes that better fit your body.

 Buying the Wrong Size

Not buying the right size can do some serious damage to your styling efforts. Know your measurements so that you can correctly shop for clothes online. The sad part is that most women buy clothes that either too small or big for their own body type and this does nothing for their style. Buying the wrong size doesn’t flatter your proportions and can make you look either too big or frumpy. To make sure you are buying the right sized clothes, look at the brand’s size chart to best determine your size with their brand instead of just going with a straight size across the board. A size in one brand can be completely different in another. And if you’re buying from an online boutique, don’t be afraid to message them about sizing on certain items.

 Jut Focusing on the Item’s Price

We all love a sale or two, but just shopping in the sale or clearance section can really be hurting your style. Sometimes we buy sale pieces just because the price is right and not because we really love them. But if you spend a bit more money on items you actually love, you’ll get more wear out of them. Always buying from the sale rack can translate to a lot of impulse buys and shortchange your closet.

 Being too Trendy

Trends make fashion fun and allow you to incorporate new pieces into your closet you normally would have never tried, but being a slave to trends can be a bit overboard. Some trends won’t fit your own style and that’s okay. You don’t have to be sporting every new trend there is each season! But if you’re always chasing the “it” trend of the season to where you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you’re sacrificing your true style and it’ll show out in public. Simply go with the ones that work for you and your closet and stay true to your own style!

 Having a Full Closet with Nothing to Wear

You know how it goes…your closet is filled with stuff, but you find yourself not knowing what to wear! It’s a problem every girl has faced, right? But it shouldn’t really be a problem if you’re buying the right clothes. When you’re not sure what to wear despite your full closet, it’s is because you’re buying the wrong pieces or you simply don’t know what you have in there! The key here is having an organized closet so that you know exactly what you have.

 Buying the Wrong Colors

A good closet is filled with pieces in colors that look great on you. By knowing which hues look good on you’ll automatically brighten your complexion and look great in whatever you wear! Pieces in the wrong color won’t get you compliments!

 Not using Good Tailor

Having a good tailor can really be life changing and up the ante on your style! And the great part is they aren’t really that expensive, but so worth it since they’ll make your clothes fit you to the T. Taking certain pieces to your tailor will make your closet fit you like a glove, adding to your overall style game.

 Being too Attached to Certain Pieces

It’s totally okay to love certain pieces in your closet and wear them over and over again, but when you are attached to a certain piece, it’s time to look elsewhere. If you look back on pictures and you always wear that one piece, your style is stagnant. Make a conscious effort to wear other things in your closet, too!


Although these fashion mistakes aren’t set in stone, following them will definitely help you reach your style goals. And don’t forget to check out our large selection of the cutest clothes on the Internet! You’ll find everything you need to update your closet at our online boutique Love Me Trender, so shop away!


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