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Beauty Queen Mary-Kate FitzPatrick Talks Fashion, Pageants and Her Go-To Looks

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Mary-Kate in Love Me Trender Ruffled Red Dress .

Beauty queen and actress Mary-Kate FitzPatrick has a lot to celebrate this year. She is having a successful acting career in Los Angeles and recently has been named Miss Beverly Hills in Miss California International Pageant. Soon she will be competing for Miss California International title. 

This spring, the gorgeous beauty queen took a minute out of her busy life to talk to founder Yeva Syslo about fashion, pageants and her go-to looks.


What is your background? Where did you grow up? 

My background is rather exotic - my mom is from South America (Colombia), and my dad’s family is from Ireland. I grew up in northern California in a small town called Danville - not too far from San Francisco. To sum up Danville, I would say there is minimal traffic (if ever), deer crossing, and Cheesecake Factory.


How did you get started in TV/Pageant industry?

When I was 12 years old, I took my first video production course. My heart always knew that I wanted to be an actor, but I was too overweight to even feel remotely comfortable on camera. Thus, I got my entertainment fix by working behind the scenes. During that time,  I was so insecure about my body that I secluded myself from everyone, had little to no friends or social life, and focused on only my school work. After reaching such a decline in my health, I realized if I didn’t make a change, I was going to spend the rest of my life unhappy. I changed my diet, learned how to exercise correctly, and by the time I was 18, I had lost 60 pounds. I decided that I wanted to showcase my new lifestyle by competing for Miss Teenage California; and in 2010, I won. From there on out, I developed confidence in myself for the first time and realized how much I truly loved to perform. Pageants have lead me to entertainment connections I wouldn’t have made otherwise, and continue to keep me at my sharpest in everyday life. 


What is your favorite part about pageants? 

The women that I have met in pageants are women that I am friends with for life. It’s amazing because every single girl competing simply wants to be the best version of themselves, and to be somebody; to make a difference. They say that as individuals, we become like the five people that we spend the most time with. To be around these go-getters on a consistent basis is inspiring for me, and holds me accountable to be the best version of Mary-Kate that I can. The women are kind, they genuinely support and are proud of each other, and we can count on each other. 


What is the biggest challenge you've faced in your career and what did you do to overcome it?

Thousands of hopefuls come to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of acting. Most actors don’t make it in the industry because they don’t stick around long enough to succeed; they give up. Every time I step into an audition room, I’m surrounded by girls who look like me, and are dressed similar to me.The biggest challenge is to remind myself that I have a skill and a uniqueness that separates me from anyone else in the room. The biggest challenge is mastering the skill of not letting your mind control every thought and every action. It takes strength of body, mind, and soul to be told “no” a thousand times, before you get the one “yes” that changes your life.


How would you describe your fashion style? 

I tend to gravitate towards edgy/chic, and pieces that no one has, or has the courage to wear. I love to start trends, rather than only follow them. I rarely ever wear flat shoes - boots are my go to because I love to be tall. So you’ll probably find me in high waisted distressed jeans with a classic bodysuit and black knee high boots. Sometimes I even top it off with a backwards hat on a bad hair day!


Do you look up to anyone for style inspiration?

I’m inspired by people who make bold outfit choices and don’t care about what anybody thinks. I admire the ability for someone to be able to disregard others’ face value judgments, and wear what makes them happy. I do find that my edginess and style can be similar at times to America’s youngest Kardashian/Jenner star, Kylie. Although she and I are completely different people, our style seems to be on the same page- Glamorous and edgy bold choices. The ultimate happy medium in fashion. 


It is going to be summer soon. What are your summer fashion tips?

Nude colored wedges are everything - they go with shorts, jeans, dresses - you name it. Having a couple pairs goes a long way, and you’ll find yourself wearing them everywhere. Also, having a nice tan (Neutrogena makes a great Spray Tan In A Can if you’re not into baking under the bulbs) compliments pastels like teal, mint, coral, and yellow. And finally, having 3 maxi dresses is life saving - you throw it on and look like you actually tried - win win!

You can keep up with Mary Kate on Instagram - @mkfitzzz, or on her website 

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