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How To Dress For A Sunday Brunch

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Sunday Bruch Ideas

Sundays are traditionally rest days, so what better way to rest than to catch up with your best girlfriends at the trendiest restaurant in town for brunch?! Breakfast is way too early when you’re a busy gal and lunch is way too late, which is why brunch has become the most popular time to eat these days. But Sunday brunch has evolved to a stylish affair, with “it” girls on Instagram taking their brunch outfits to new heights! So if you want to impress at your next brunch date with your girls, here are some tips on how to do it right:

Dress up your jeans

Dress up your jeans for brunch

Jeans are every girl’s wardrobe staple, so when it comes to dressing for brunch, they’re the perfect starting piece for the most stylish brunch outfit. But since you want to make a statement, dress them up for a more styled look. Add your favorite heels (the ones you’ve been dying to wear for a minute) and accessorize to the max! You’ll not only look great but you’ll also be able to get loads of ‘grams for your feed!

Casual but chic

casual but chic off the shoulder dress 

Brunch is one of those affairs where you want to look good, but you don’t want to be overdressed, which means you’ll want to wear something that’s casual, yet chic! This means choosing a few statement pieces for your outfit instead of going all out. Wear your favorite “it” girl sneakers with a cozy maxi dress or a denim button-down with a printed skirt and your favorite flats. Or you might want to opt for a cold-shoulder dress with your go-to booties, which this season’s hottest trend (and we’ve got plenty of options in our Lookbook). Basically, you want to make it seem as if you didn’t put much effort into your outfit, when of course you did!

Add color

Add color to brunch outfit

Brunch is one of those outings where you want to sit on the patio, drink mimosas and talk trash about the girls that hate on you and your crew, so you’ll definitely want to wear something with color so that others can notice how stylish your outfit is! Although many like wearing white because it’s so crisp and perfect wearing any day outing, it can be very easy to stain, especially after you’ve had a few refills on those mimosas. Instead, wear bright or dark colors that are more forgiving than white and try for some options.

Dresses are perfect for brunch

Dresses are perfect for brunch

Not sure what to wear for brunch? You can literally never go wrong with a maxi dress or a short, spring dress! Anything that’s comfy and flowy works since you’ll be able to hide your food baby after brunch while you go run errands. And you’ll be able to pair it with just about any shoe – from you sandals to sneakers and even cute, spring heels for when you want to feel extra sexy. Off-the-shoulder dresses provide a feminine touch without revealing too much skin for a sexy brunch look with a new hottie, or a cold-should dress will have your friends asking you where you got such an amazing dress!

Rompers are easy brunch outfits

floral romper perfect for brunch

For when you have zero time to really put an outfit together, grab a floral romper, put your hair in a messy bun, and slip on some sandals, and you’ve got a super cute brunch outfit that can’t be beat! Rompers are great dress alternatives since they’re comfy, flowy and the hottest spring/summer trend! Rompers were made for brunch! To find some cute styles, try

Add a jacket

Outfit ideas for brunch: Wear a jacket

So, if you’re really want to look posh for your brunch date, add a blazer over your outfit! This look is perfect for brunches when you’re networking or with co-workers. Skip the suit jacket since it’s the wrong look and instead op for a blazer-style jacket that fits comfortably. Also, it should look feminine and make the rest of your outfit look well put together and not look too professional. Remember, casual yet chic is the look you’re going for! A white or pale pink will look amazing with your closet and are perfect spring/summer colors so you’ll be able to wear for many seasons to come.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses for brunch

The best brunch dates are the ones that you sit outside on a warm, sunny day with your best pals, eating a calorie-loaded meal that’s delicious as you wash it down with some orange juice mixed with champagne. So no brunch outfit is complete without your go-to sunnies! Whether you prefer traditional aviators or love dramatic cat-eye options, your sunglasses will make your entire outfit!

Statement tee

Statement tee for brunch

Statement tees are comfy yet bold and have whimsical sayings that will stand out. Pair it with your jeans and a blazer jacket and you’ve got a comfy brunch outfit you’ll want lounge in all day!

When planning what to wear for your next brunch outing, remember to just have a good time and wear something that you’re comfortable in. Ultimately, as long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing, it’ll definitely show regardless of what you wear. So have an amazing brunch date and throw back a few mimosas for us at!



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