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How To Dress When It's Hot Outside

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Summer is officially here and you can definitely feel it! The weather is warming up, which means looking cute when it's triple digits outside isn't exactly the easiest thing to do! Depending on where you live, the stick humid weather or hot dry air can really do a number to your style. Your hair becomes frizzy if it's humid out and your makeup practically drips off your face as soon as you put it on. And that super cute outfit you've been dying to wear starts sticking to your skin and showing sweat stains the minute you put it on, leaving you super uncomfortable. So the scorching weather outside means you'll need to alter your dressing habits so that you are cool and comfortable while still stylish and at Love Me Trender we came up with some tips on how to dress when it is super hot outside. 

Keep it light

Women's top for summer

Cold Shoulder Ecru top from Q2 store

During the hottest months of the year, keep everything light! This means your makeup, hair, and clothes. Wear as little clothing as you can, but always bring a light cardigan just in case because the AC blasting non-stop can seriously make you a bit cold. Also, opt for lighter fabrics that won't cling to your skin when it's hot out. Clothing made from linen is amazing during the summer, as well as silk and cotton since they are lighter and cooler. Stay away from heavier clothing that's made from suede, leather or anything that's tight since they'll make you hotter.

Bralettes over bras

Fashionable Bralette

Thank goodness bralettes are fashionable right now since they are much cooler than bras during the summer! These unpadded bras won't soak up any boob sweat and they are lighter to wear and go great with all your summer camisoles and tank tops that you can wear with shorts and skirts all summer long!

Sandals are your best friends

Sandals are perfect for the summer

During summer, you'll ditch close-toed shoes for sandals, so make sure you get pedicures on the regular! From flat sandals to super cute wedges, you'll summer wardrobe will revolve around sandals! And with so many options out there, you're bound to find a pair of cute, stylish pairs you'll be wearing all summer long!

Maxi dresses are perfect

Women's maxi dress for summer

When it's hot out, maxi dresses are amazing! They look super cute day or night and can be worn to work with a light cardigan or blazer. You can dress them up or down with some cute wedges for a date night or your favorite flat sandals for brunch. And since they are flattering on lots of figures, maxi dresses are exactly what your summer wardrobe needs to stay cool, comfy and cute!

Shorts and rompers are summer staples

summer romper

Modern Floral Romper

When you think of summer, shorts and rompers automatically come to mind, so we can't forget about everyone's favorite summer staple! From denim cutoffs to linen shorts and cotton rompers, summer isn't summer without these two warm-weather essentials. This season, it's all about high-waisted shorts that help tuck you in a bit! But shorts in any shape and size are always cool and comfy, so make sure you find a few comfy options that you won't mind living in this summer. Also, rompers are super comfy and easy to wear, making them a lazy girl's essential to staying cute and cool when it's super hot out!

Wear looser silhouettes

Wear looser silhouettes

Cami Slip Midi Dress in Beige from Q2

When it's triple digits outside, stay away from tight fitting clothes and opt for looser silhouettes. A cardinal rule to dressing when it's hot out is that bigger is better. You'll want that extra wiggle room so that air can circulate a lot better, keeping you cooler and less sticky. Flowy dresses and Bermuda shorts work wonders when it's super hot out!

Wear hats


Although it might seem that a hat will suffocate your head, it will actually you cooler since it will protect your scalp from UV rays. Sun hats and big floppy hats are stylish and super cute ways to wear hats this summer, whether you're by the pool or simply eating al fresco for brunch!

Bikini tops double as crop tops


When it's unbearable outside, you can wear your favorite bikini top with a skirt if you will be hanging out close to the pool. Many swim tops these days look similar to cropped tanks or bustiers so take advantage and pair them with other summer staples when you're not at the pool!

Sleeveless shirts

Women's Sleeveless Shirt Black

Black Sleeveless Crop To

In the summer, less is better! Sleeveless shirts are perfect for hotter weather since you don't have to worry about underarm sweat stains. Plus, you can better ventilate your upper torso since there are no sleeves to restrict any air! And there are so many options when it comes to sleeveless shirts – from tanks to sleeveless button-downs – you are bound to find something for any occasion!

Even though it's unbearably hot out, you can still rock a super cute outfit and be cool at the same time with some of our summer fashion tips! And if it's too hot to go out and stock up for your summer wardrobe, you can always order from your favorite online clothing store. This way you get to shop from the comfort of your AC-cooled home!


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