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How To Pick Out The Ultimate Birthday Dress

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A birthday is a wonderful time of year! Not only is it your one special day to celebrate life, but it’s also a great time to get all dolled up and have a night out on the town with your closet friends and loved ones. And you get to treat yourself to a special birthday gift in the form of a new outfit!

So what should you wear for your one special day of the year? Well, that depends on what you’re going to do! Like any other occasion you’re dress shopping for, you’ll need to consider what you’ll be doing so that you can dress appropriately. Here  at Love Me Trender we have some tips on how to pick out the ultimate dress to ring in another fabulous year on Earth in! 

A family affair

If you’ll be celebrating your birthday with family, you’ll want to make sure that you are dressed right, which means nothing too revealing or bold. Stick with trendy, yet super cute, pieces that you’d wear to semi-formal functions or other family events. Think maxi dresses, brunch outfits and Sunday best pieces that are fashionable and family approved. You don’t want to wear something too wild for a party or dinner with family, but you also want to make sure you look fabulous on your big day. Our Mock Neck Dress with Long Sleeves in blush pink is trendy and stylish for any family affair!

Mock Neck Dress with Long Sleeves in blush pink

 Dinner with friends

If you’ll going to have a delicious birthday dinner with your closet friends, you’ll want to wear something cute, yet comfortable, because it’s your birthday and it’s totally okay to indulge! This means you don’t want to have a food baby after dinner ruining your look, so opt for something that's flowy and loose instead of tight. This way you can have as many pieces of birthday cake you want without having to hold back for the sake of your dress. You’ll look amazing in our Baby Blue Ruffled One-Shoulder dress that’s feminine and classy for dinner with your closet friends.

Baby Blue Ruffled One-Shoulder Dress

 A night with your boo

Sometimes a low key birthday with your boo is all you need to celebrate a year of being older and wiser. For a night when it’s just you two, opt for a comfortable maxi in a beautiful pattern and bold colors. Maxi dresses work for just about any occasion and they’re perfect when you’re having a low key night out for your special day with someone you truly care about. They’re not too dressy, yet a step up from casual, making it the perfect piece to celebrate your birthday in when you aren’t doing something over the top. It can work for a special dinner out or even in, if he’s cooking your favorite dish!

 Brunch with your squad

If your BFFs are planning to take you to brunch on your birthday, then wear an eye-catching spring/summer dress that will look amazing on you as you sip mimosas on the patio of the hottest brunch spot in town, clinking your glasses together to celebrate another year. The Bow Tie Shoulder Dress in light pink/blush will look super cute for brunch with your girls! Off-the-shoulder dresses in floral patterns will definitely work for a birthday brunch, as will rompers for when you’re looking for something comfy yet stylish!

Off-the-shoulder dress in floral patterns

 Up in the clubs

If you’re going all out and dancing the night away for your birthday at the hottest club in town, then you’ll need a sexy dress to go with your sexy moves! A tight number will make you feel like a vixen, showing off your curves as you shake your tail to the music. To really stand out, opt for a dress in a bold hue so that all eyes will be on you as your friends treat you to special birthday shots. Or if you don’t want too much attention a jaw-dropping LBD will also do the trick! Our Cold-Shoulder Ruffle Crepe Black Dress is just what you’ll want to wear as order bottle service and hit the dance floor as the birthday VIP!

Cold-Shoulder Ruffle Crepe Black Dress

 A party at home

If you’re not about getting too dressed up to go out and celebrate your birthday and plan on having a small gathering at home for a few selected peeps, then you’ll want to be comfy yet fashionable, which is why you’ll absolutely love our Black and White Striped Casual T-Shirt Dress! You’ll be able to wear it with your favorite “it-girl” sneakers and accessorize it to the max - all the while being super comfy to let loose at your laid-back party.

Black and White Striped Casual T-Shirt Dress



So picking out the perfect birthday dress is simply a matter of figuring out what you want to do! And if you have several birthday plans, you’ll be to get more than one dress to celebrate your birthday in…and you deserve it birthday babe! Here at Love Me Trender we are ready to help you pick your dream dress at any time, for customized support e-mail


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