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How To Style Your Outfit Like A Parisian

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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and wished you could dress as effortlessly chic as Parisians do? Their style and grace is impeccable, which is why women from across the globe want to mimic their timeless style. So how do you style yourself to look as if you’ve just landed in Paris, The City of Lights? Read on to find out how:

Chic stripes

How To Style Your Outfit Like A Parisian

Parisian women are notorious for wearing stripes that look refined and tasteful, so add a few stripped items to your wardrobe for that French girl look. Opt for neutral colors like white with black stripes and keep the stripes fairly then. Shirts and sweaters with stripes are the perfect addition when you’re trying to achieve this sort of look!Or you can go for a striped dress, whatever you end up doing just know that stripes are mandatory in French girl's wardrobe. 

 Neutral colors

Outfit in Neutral Colors

When it comes to Parisian dressing, neutral colors is key. Think black, grey, tan, white, and other classic colors for a put-together look. The only bright colors they wear usually include red lipstick, which is why they always look so chic!

 Less is more

Casual outfit, dress like a Parisian

When trying to achieve this look, remember that less is more. Don’t overdo it on your accessories or overload your outfit with too many pieces. French style is all about being simple, which is what makes this style so effortlessly beautiful and appealing. 

Relaxed silhouettes


French girls opt for relaxed silhouettes rather than anything that’s too tight or structured. This gives their wardrobe a carefree, yet poised look. But there’s a balance to it because you don’t want anything to look too baggy.

 Flats over heels

Flat shoes are french women favorite

You won’t see too many Parisian women strutting their stuff in sky-high heels (unless it’s for a special occasion). Instead, they opt for flats or kitten heels, which are perfect for surviving the city’s cobblestone streets!


 Embrace menswear

Menswear on Man

You’ll notice that Parisian women aren’t scared of rocking menswear like no one’s business and are often adding things like suits, blazers and trousers to their classic look.

 Splurge on a white button-down shirt


A staple in every French girl’s closet is a crisp, white button-down shirt that they wear with everything!Pair it with a red lipstick and you are good to go!


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