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Early Spring 2017: Colors, Styles & Trends

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Early spring fashion is cozy and stylish, allowing you to let your inner fashionista shine as you pack on the layers. So what’s on trend for Early Spring 2017? Read on to see the colors and styles you’ll definitely want to include in your closet and if you are ready to check out a variety of the latest trends visit our us at . 

Velvet everything

velvet dress early spring 2017 trend

Soft to the touch and an elegant fabric, velvet is stuff of royalty! The regal fabric is all the rage this spring and looks amazing for a night out on the town to a casual dinner date and even a comfy Sunday brunch. Velvet dresses, coats and blouses will give any outfit some updated flair and despite what you may think is actually easy to wear. Opt for bold colors like deep blues, purples and burgundies, but if you don’t want to make too much of a statement classic black velvet works with everything!



pink-blush-blazer-early spring trend

Sometimes the weather outside isn’t freezing so for days when you just need a bit of cover up, a capelet will do just fine! The retro cover up is back with a modern twist and comes in a variety of lengths, from short pieces that barely cover your upper back and shoulders to longer pieces that hit around your midsection. They’re the perfect addition to any LBD for date night and will definitely make any boring outfit a perfect 10.



bow tie chocker spring 2017 trend

The ‘90s are back with a vengeance with statement chokers that will add drama to any outfit. Major statement chokers were everywhere on the runways and it’s an easy way to incorporate into any outfit, whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans kind of day or a girl’s night out dancing. Although velvet ribbon chokers were huge back in the ‘90s, this time around, it’s all about chokers that fully cover your neck, the bolder the better!


Extra Long Sleeves

Extra Long Sleeves Early Spring 2017 trend

This trend might not be for everyone, but if you’re all about comfort and style, then you might be happy to hear that extra long sleeves are in this season. From extra long sleeves on button-down shirts to extreme length sleeves on your tees, this trend can be quite functional when it’s super cold out, but might get in the way if you’re headed out to dinner. Either way, it’s definitely a head-turning trend that’s fierce.


Gray Plaid

gray plaid jacket early spring 2017 trend

Boring plaid gets a much needed updated this season with unexpected silhouettes and cuts of grey plaid. From work wear to play wear, gray plaid pieces will make you trendy on stylish this spring.


Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow outfit early spring 2017 trend

It’s an interesting color combination that is actually a welcomed contrast to the season’s darker hues and really makes any day a lot brighter.



turtleneck sweater early spring 2017 trend

Usually an early spring staple, turtlenecks are getting an interesting update! Instead of wearing them alone, many fashionistas and designers layered them under spring dresses, allowing you to extend your summer wardrobe into the chillier months.


Navy Coats

navy coat early spring trend

Last winter it was all about camel coats and this season navy coats are having a moment. The darker hue goes well with traditional spring colors and goes with everything – from causal denim to evening wear and more.


And there you have it…a few seasonal trends you might want to consider the next time you go shopping! But if these trends aren’t for you, don’t sweat it – style is all about individual tastes! Shop for the latest styles and timeless pieces at 


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