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Travel Packing List For A Weekend Getaway

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  1. A weekend bag

Skip the bulky suitcases and invest in a weekend bag that’s big enough to hold just what you need for a few days. This way you know you’re limited in space and won’t bring everything in your closet. It sort of forces you to pack light and just bring along the essentials. A stylish weekend bag is always needed so make sure look for one that’s sturdy and will last for quite a way.


  1. The basics

Of course, you’ll want to pack all of the basic essentials like undergarments, hygiene products,tees, your makeup, any hair products and accessories you use regularly and the like. These basics should be minimal and you should only bring one to two extra undergarments just in case! Also, bring along at least 3 of your favorite tees that you’ve picked out for the weekend getaway. If you need some upgrades check out  Don't forget your toothbrush, toothpaste and some shampoo and conditioner since some places don’t supply them for you. Just don’t bring the entire bathroom!




  1. Two pairs of shoes (maybe three)

Make sure that you know where you’re going for the weekend getaway so that you can bring along the right shoes. You should only need about two to three pairs. One that will be worn during the day and another that can be worn at night (especially if you plan on dressing up). A pair of ballet flats or sneakers will do the trick and if you have room in your bag, a pair of sandals or flip-flops can also be added (if the weather permits, of course).

shoes to take part of travel packing list for a weekend getaway

  1. Three days worth of outfits

You’ll need clothes for the amount of days you’re there, so three day outfits will suffice since it gives you one extra outfit just in case! Obviously, you want to bring clothes that relate to where you’re going. If you’re headed to the beach, summer clothes suffice, but if it’s a weekend trip to the snow, bring warm clothes. And if you’re going to the beach, make sure you bring along a swimsuit! Also, make one piece a pair of jeans since you can easily wear them during the day and at night!


  1. One piece of outerwear

Always bring at least one piece of outwear just in case! Even if it’s going to be sunny and warm, pack at minimum a cardigan or a light sweater because you never know what will happen! You might end up in a cold restaurant or the weather can instantly change.

    6.   Accessories

Don’t forget your favorite accessories! But don’t pack your entire jewelry collection and opt for pieces that will go with everything you’ve packed.


    7.   One night outfit

Always pack at least one night outfit that’s a dressier that what you’ve brought for the day. This way you’re prepared if you decide to go out with some nicer attire. A nice floral romper like the one from will suffice.

Night outfit for packing black and white floral romper




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