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Understanding the Dress Code for Different Events

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When you are invited to an event, the first and most important thing is to check the dress code on the invitation. What kind of dress code is suggested? It is just as important as the time and date of the event and should be noted before RSVP’ing. The most important rule to follow is that it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


Casual Outfit
Casual doesn’t just mean pulling out your wrinkly and old evening TV watching outfit. The point of putting casual on an invitation is to let the guests know that they can be relaxed, but that doesn’t mean lazy. It means wearing unwrinkled clothing, nice jeans or pants, and a cute top with some accessories would work.


Smart Casual

Smart casual outfit

Smart casual dress code suggests looking casual, without being casual. Avoid wearing jeans unless it is tailored and darker color. If you have a choice, a nice blazer with a casual looking tee would do the job.



Cocktail Dress
Cocktail dresses are certainly appropriate to wear to a cocktail party. If you have a formal office job, dressing up to a cocktail party can simply mean putting some nice heels and accessories over your workday outfit. The party is called “cocktail” but that doesn’t mean it is a college drinking party, so dress for the occasion. This show-stopping cold-shoulder black dress is available at 

Black-Tie & Formal

Formal Outfit

If you are like most people, you don't have a lot of black-tie & formal events to go to, so when you get the chance it is nice to go all out. Generations ago, it was not acceptable to wear a short dress to a formal event, however, that rule doesn't apply anymore. Show off your legs or wear a stunning gown, it is up to you, just make sure you look the part.

Pool Party

pool party swimsuit

Confidence is very important in those types of parties. Make sure you are comfortable in the bikini that you choose and it fits your body type. Invest in a sundress that you love and wear it while you are not in the pool. Don't forget that you will be in and out of the water, so choose a sundress that won't be hard to get into.

Thanks for reading our blog. What is your favorite look? And don't forget to check for the latest fashion trends! 


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