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What To Wear On A First Date

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What To Wear On A First Date | Love Me Trender Blog

What to wear on a first date may not be the biggest problem in the world, but it’s a predicament every girl has gone through (several times) in her life. The first date is the first impression and looking cute AF is super important! You never know – you might be reminiscing back on this very day when you’re married a few years down the line, so it’s important that you remember yourself looking cute and fashionable. The pressure to dress to impress is seriously on, but that doesn’t mean you have to stress out about your outfit for the big date because we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to dress for that first date:Find out where you’re going first

Find out where you’re going first

So that you know what to expect on the first date, try and find out where you’re going so that you can dress appropriately. The last thing you’ll want is to show up super dressy when you’re just having coffee! And even if he’s keeping the location and plans a surprise, ask if he’ll at least give you some tips so that you can dress accordingly. Your entire outfit will depend on where you’re going and what you plan on doing on that first date!

 Wear a color that you’re usually complimented on to boost your confidence

If you have a color that always brings you tons of compliments from others, you’ll definitely want to stay in that color trend when you choose what to wear for that first date. This way you’ll feel more confident in what you’re wearing and chances are, you’ll get compliments again so your crush sees how much you radiate good vibes! He’ll also take special notice and won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you the entire date.

 Don’t go too extreme

Skip the provocative clothes and heavy makeup on the first date and instead opt for a simple, minimalistic look that lets your personality and charm take center stage. You don’t want your outfit to overshadow you! But if you want to show off your assets, go with showing off your best one and that’s it! If you have amazing arms, wear a sleeveless shirt or if your legs are your best asset, wear a skirt or shorts. Showing too much skin can make it seem as if you’re trying too hard. And too much makeup (the IG kind) can send him the wrong message – one that you’ll high maintenance.However, at the end of the day, you dress up to be comfortable in your own skin and if you feel comfortable wearing too much makeup or showing too much skin go for it because you want to be liked as who you are and not as someone you are pretending to be. 

 Don’t wait until the last minute

Don’t wait until the day of to figure out what you’re going to wear unless you want to be stressed or late for your first date. Start thinking about options as soon as you find out about the date. Take pictures of different outfits and enlist your friends to help you choose the best one! And if you wait until the last minute you won’t have time to go out and buy anything new if needed! It’s always better to be prepared than stressed, right?!

 Be comfy

You’ll most likely be a bit nervous on your first date, so try not to wear anything that’s not comfortable or something that you’ll be obsessing over the entire night. Your mind should be on your date and not on your too-tight dress or pinching heels. It’s also advised that you not wear anything you can’t breathe in, walk in or eat in. Comfort is very important because you’ll want to feel good in what you’re wearing. Being comfortable means you’ll be confident and that’s exactly what you’ll want to have on your first date. For a casual date, wear your comfy yet sexy jeans, a cute blouse or T-shirt or for a dressy date, go with a cute maxi dress or skinny jeans with your most comfy and cutest heels. Or a romper will look amazing for either!

 Stick to your personal style

Don’t try and experiment with the hottest and latest trends for a first date and instead stick to your personal style. You don’t want to scare him off by looking like a catalog because then he’ll think you’re a bit much for him to handle. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashionista on your first date; just tone it down a bit for the first date! Keep the silhouettes simple and then go full on fashionista as the relationship progresses!


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