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Winter 2017/2018 Trends

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Winter fashion is always a favorite since you get to cozy up in oversized sweaters and wear boots everyday! But any fashionista knows, winter style is so much more than just staying warm, but also trying to look your best! So if you’re looking to update your winter closet with all the hottest trends, here are a few items you’ll want to make sure to get during your next shopping trip!

Winter 2017 2018 Trends by Love Me Trender

Defined Shoulders

There was a time when exaggerated shoulders were a thing, and that was back in the 1980s when shoulder pads were all the rage. Well guess what?! It’s back, but a bit more polished and sophisticated this time around. Instead of shoulder pads, extra fabric are taking their place to give that exaggerated shoulder look which can be puffy or angular. For those who like the laidback look will want to look for sweatshirts and cozy tees with these exaggerated shoulder shapes that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.And for those of you who like to look more polished, try wearing oversized and lightly padded blazer

Defined Shoulders

 Patent Leather

Don’t think that patent leather looks cheap because it’s going to be all the rage come winter, from shoes to skirts, pants to even coats! The key to wearing it so that it doesn’t look cheap is to make sure that it’s the main piece of your look. Work everything around that one piece, but if you’re still not convinced, try working some patent leather with your footwear and then slowly start to experiment with other pieces. And when you’re ready, the easiest way to do it is with a patent leather skirt and a simple tee with some strappy heels for a chic look that’s on trend!

Leather Pants


Velvet is usually always a winter staple and this year it’s back and bolder than ever! The fabric is soft to the touch and can be quite warm, meaning you’re never want to get out of your favorite velvet outfit! Velvet is super hot right now on practically everything – from accessories to cute camisole pieces to robes, pants and dresses. It’s going to be the “it” fabric of the winter season!

Velvet Gray Pants

 Granny Cardigans

Rejoice because your favorite chunky knit cardigan is super trendy this winter, which means you can wear it with everything and anything! The granny knit is totally back and we aren’t arguing! They’re great to wear on casual days when you’re looking for laidback looks and can add some cozy appeal to any dress for a chilly night out. You’ll seriously never want to wear anything else this winter!

 Granny Cardigan

 Blanket Outerwear

This season is all about being comfortable so skip your uncomfortable clothes , and aim to find a blanket outerwear! It’s the best way to add some individuality and comfort to your winter outfits. 

Blanket Jacket Trend

Shiny Sterling Silver

Really shine this holiday season in outfits with sparkles and sequins in silver and gold that really add a sophisticate feeling to the holiday vibes we all love during this time of year. This winer, we recommend wearing silver shining metallic dress to stand out at your holiday parties.  


 Cold Shoulder Sweaters

It seems the cold shoulder trend from spring and summer is transitioning into winter clothes, too! Your favorite cozy sweaters are getting the cold shoulder sweater treatment, leaving just enough skin to be sexy during the coldest time of year. But just because you’re wearing your warmest sweater, the holes in the shoulders might keep you chilly so make sure that you add your favorite coat on top!

Cold Shoulder Winter Sweater Love Me Trender

Comfortable Large Knits

Large comfortable knits that look effortless are what you'll want to wear this winter.  And the best ones are in the classic colors that you can wear not only this winter(just like this large knitted sweater below). This type of knits look best with your favorite jeans and boots!

large knitted sweater


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